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Dwayne Johnson has long been rumored to play a character in Warner Bros' rapidly expanding DC movie universe.

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Box office report: 'Apes' overtakes 'Purge: Anarchy'updated Mon Jul 21 2014 09:09:40

After a Friday night showdown that heavily tipped the scales in favor of the survival-horror thriller "The Purge: Anarchy," "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" came back strong this weekend to take the No. 1 spot at the box office.

'The Purge: Anarchy': What's the verdict?updated Fri Jul 18 2014 16:51:02

Along with "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes," "The Purge: Anarchy" may be one of the summer's sequels that actually improves on the original.

Box office report: 'Apes' conquers, 'Boyhood' starts strongupdated Mon Jul 14 2014 12:06:01

If this weekend's number one movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ? the second entry in the rebooted Apes franchise ? has a spiritual sibling in the original series of films, it is 1972?s Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. While Conquest was the fourth movie in the franchise to arrive in cinemas it is, like Dawn, the second according to the interior timeline of its series and, again like director Matt Reeves' new film, features an apocalyptic showdown between apes and humans. Thus, it seems appropriate that this weekend Dawn of the Planet of the Apes comprehensively conquered the domestic box office by earning an estimated $73 million, exceeding both expectations and the $54.8 million opening weekend of its predecessor, 2011?s Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Review: 'Boyhood'updated Fri Jul 11 2014 16:18:13

Richard Linklater's astonishing new film, "Boyhood," was shot over a dozen years beginning in 2002.

Review: 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes'updated Fri Jul 11 2014 16:15:39

There's a good chance you never knew you needed to witness the sight of an angry ape charging on horseback, double-fisting a pair of machine guns. But trust me, you do.

'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes:' Can it end the summer slump?updated Fri Jul 11 2014 12:35:26

When it comes to this year's summer box office, Hollywood can't afford to monkey around.

'Boyhood': How Richard Linklater's 'rather insane' vision came to lifeupdated Fri Jul 11 2014 08:18:53

For once in Hollywood, aging is seen as a majestic, magical thing.

No more 'Harry Potter' films, Daniel Radcliffe saysupdated Wed Jul 09 2014 17:39:41

Sorry, "Potter" fans, Harry himself says not to count on another film.

'Transformers' sets all-time box-office record in Chinaupdated Tue Jul 08 2014 17:33:56

Michael Bay publicly blew off the critics who excoriated Transformers: Age of Extinction, and he's laughing all the way to the bank. Not only did the fourth film in the franchise win the domestic box-office for the second week in a row, but it has already surpassed Avatar to become the biggest box-office hit in Chinese history.

Box office report: 'Transformers 4' holds No. 1 spot, no fireworks for 'Tammy'updated Mon Jul 07 2014 10:03:24

"Transformers: Age of Extinction" showed its summer might once more by holding onto the No. 1 spot in its second weekend of release, grossing an estimated $36.4 million from 4,233 locations and effectively shutting out the slate of new releases. Michael Bay's explosive epic also hit $400 million internationally after just 12 days in release.

Why we loved - and hated - 'Forrest Gump'updated Fri Jul 04 2014 09:06:35

It's a heartwarming, epic journey through defining events of the late 20th century, as seen through the eyes of a dim-witted but honorable hero whose life is a testament to small-town American values.

Three indicted in train track death of assistant on Allman movieupdated Thu Jul 03 2014 16:59:04

Three members of the "Midnight Rider" moviemaking team have been indicted in the death of a camera assistant.

Henry Cavill suits up for 'Batman v Superman'updated Thu Jul 03 2014 15:28:10

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" takes Henry Cavill's Superman to new places, but one thing remains the same: the hero's iconic suit.

Louis Zamperini, triumphant 'Unbroken' warrior, dies at 97updated Thu Jul 03 2014 10:44:43

Louis Zamperini, the Olympic runner and World War II officer who survived a horrific plane crash, a seven-week journey across the Pacific in a raft, near starvation and unspeakable torture in Japanese POW camps, has died.

'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' gets strong early buzzupdated Wed Jul 02 2014 11:13:19

"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" is already making critics cheer.

'Tammy': A dream comedy? Not for criticsupdated Tue Jul 01 2014 20:10:34

A road trip, Melissa McCarthy and a drunken Susan Sarandon. Sounds like a recipe for a summer blockbuster, right?

Cameron Diaz goes nude for first timeupdated Tue Jul 01 2014 18:19:07

Cameron Diaz is feeling fearless.

Paul Mazursky, 5-time Oscar nominee, diesupdated Tue Jul 01 2014 17:10:04

Paul Mazursky, a five-time Oscar nominee who directed and wrote such films as "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice," "An Unmarried Woman" and "Down and Out in Beverly Hills," has died, his agent said Tuesday.

'Batman v Superman': First look at Henry Cavill as Clark Kentupdated Tue Jul 01 2014 12:15:27

Henry Cavill hasn't slipped into his "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" cape yet, but this is a start.

Zendaya exits Lifetime's Aaliyah biopicupdated Mon Jun 30 2014 12:17:37

Lifetime's biopic of the late singer Aaliyah is now without a star.

Box office report: 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' destroys competition updated Mon Jun 30 2014 08:21:23

Optimus Prime is back in full force.

Lindsay Lohan will star on London's West End in 'Speed-the-Plow'updated Fri Jun 27 2014 16:38:39

Producers announced Thursday that Lindsay Lohan will star in the West End production of David Mamet's "Speed-the-Plow." In the Hollywood satire, she'll be playing Karen, an ambitious and seductive secretary, in a story about two film producers trying to close a big deal. Madonna famously played the role in the 1988 original New York show.

'Do the Right Thing' still shines brightlyupdated Fri Jun 27 2014 15:51:30

You can still feel the heat from "Do the Right Thing."

'Transformers: Age of Extinction': What's the verdict?updated Fri Jun 27 2014 15:09:55

"Transformers: Age of Extinction" is being called so bad, it hurts.

Box office report: 'Think Like a Man Too' has $30 million openingupdated Mon Jun 23 2014 14:51:53

Holding off a nice run from "22 Jump Street," the romantic comedy "Think Like a Man Too" took the top spot this weekend with a $30 million opening.

Review: 'Think Like A Man Too' relies on Hartupdated Fri Jun 20 2014 11:33:12

Two years ago, "Think Like a Man" succeeded because of the deliriously funny Kevin Hart and a flimsy but effective storytelling gimmick that used Steve Harvey's best-selling relationship book to frame the war between the sexes.

Review: 'Jersey Boys' generally falls flatupdated Fri Jun 20 2014 11:07:25

Nine years ago, Frankie Valli was rescued from oldies-station oblivion with the smash Broadway musical "Jersey Boys." The show chronicles the real-life rise-and-fall-and-rise-again of four crooners from the mobbed-up mean streets of 1960s New Jersey who called themselves the Four Seasons and cranked out a seemingly endless string of hit records, including the love ditty ''Sherry,'' the triumphant ''Walk Like a Man,'' and the bouncy bubblegum bop of ''Big Girls Don't Cry.''

'Hurt Locker' team to take on Bergdahl storyupdated Tue Jun 17 2014 11:23:01

The Bowe Bergdahl story may be coming to the big screen.

Box office report: '22 Jump Street' is the big winner updated Mon Jun 16 2014 14:22:46

Neither the World Cup nor the Stanley Cup finals kept moviegoers out of the theater this weekend as a pair of box office newcomers both opened strong.

'22 Jump Street': The verdict is inupdated Fri Jun 13 2014 16:10:15

"22 Jump Street" wholeheartedly embraces the sequel formula, and critics couldn't be happier.

Review: '22 Jump Street' is a repeatupdated Fri Jun 13 2014 12:00:58

If you loved "21 Jump Street," you're in luck: The sequel, "22 Jump Street," is the exact same movie.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill's 'lucky' bromanceupdated Thu Jun 12 2014 08:16:11

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill should be sick of each other by now.

'Fault In Our Stars' takes top spot with $48.2 millionupdated Mon Jun 09 2014 07:08:20

Cue the faux-surprise. Female-targeted films "A Fault in Our Stars" and "Maleficent" wiped the floor with the competition, forcing Tom Cruise's more teenage boy-friendly "Edge of Tomorrow" into a third-spot opening.

Is Tom Cruise on the 'Edge' of a blockbuster?updated Fri Jun 06 2014 17:15:03

Tom Cruise's latest movie may be just the "Edge" the actor needs.

Shailene Woodley: What I learned from 'Fault in Our Stars'updated Fri Jun 06 2014 08:51:59

Shailene Woodley isn't just the lead actress in "The Fault In Our Stars." She's one of the book's original fans.

'Ghostbusters' gets the call for theatrical re-release