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The UK economy has shaken off the European crisis with growth figures that outshine its G7 peers.

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Opinion: Europe must increase sanctions on Russia updated 1 days ago

With their invasion of Crimea and their support for the violent -- and now murderous -- pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, the Russian government has grossly and blatantly violated international law, international treaties and international norms that have underpinned post-World War II and post- Cold War Europe.

Map: Europe's thirst for Russian gas updated 1 days ago

European leaders are under pressure from the U.S. to step up the EU sanctions against Russia, following the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

Reaching new heights: Where are the world's tallest skyscrapers being built? updated 6 days ago

If you are using a mobile device, click here to view the graphic.

Ex-model tries her hand at design ... and helps women turn their lives around updated 7 days ago

Making the jump from model to designer seemed like a natural choice for this young entrepreneur.

You can't see it, or figure out its shape: Is this the real new black? updated 7 days ago

Forget the new black. This is the real black.

Cyberattacks: Why you're the weakest link updated 7 days ago

Preventing cyberattacks is a modern-day challenge for financial institutions, businesses and people.

Move over Siri, the Jibo robot is coming updated 7 days ago

A smartphone or tablet feature high on your holiday list this year? How about a robot instead?

7 new smartphone features that will help define your future updated 8 days ago

Amid the hoopla of new super-phones, largely unknown technologies are emerging -- and it will be these that change our lives. Here are seven I predict will help define our future.

Humor and humanity: Four decades of London's underground life updated 8 days ago

For four decades, London's underground transport network has been Bob Mazzer's photographic playground. He has collected surprisingly intimate shots in what, for many, is a most impersonal environment.

Britain's spaceport ambitions revealed updated 8 days ago

Britain has stolen a march in the space race with plans for the world's first spaceport outside the US, which is hoped to be operational by 2018.

Bobbi Brown's billion-dollar idea: 'Lipstick like lips' updated 8 days ago

Makeup mogul Bobbi Brown started her billion dollar brand with just $10,000 and a lot of determination. This is how she turned her company into a top brand.

Farnborough Airshow: Airbus unveils revamped A330 airliner updated 8 days ago

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, the old adage goes.

From muse to moneymaker: A brighter picture for women in art updated 9 days ago

It has generally been easier for women to be in paintings than to have their own work exhibited but now the art world looks set to change.

Linda Chen: Building a multi-billion dollar 'Las Vegas of the east' updated 9 days ago

The 'queen' of Macau's gambling empire is about to unveil a new palace.

How $50 billion can be found in fishing -- if the world does it better updated 13 days ago

Oceans around the globe could inject an extra $50 billion into the world's economy -- if fisheries were sustainably managed, a new report backed by Prince Charles shows.

Opinion: Punish bankers not banks for crimes updated 13 days ago

French officials exploded in outrage after BNP Paribas agreed to plea guilty to criminal charges, pay nearly $9 billion in fines, and have access to dollar clearing suspended for a year for its persistent violations of US economic sanctions against Iran, Cuba and Sudan.

Buying property: Silly money or sound investment? updated 13 days ago

Introducing the world's next tallest building -- which also cleans the air updated 14 days ago

Imagine a skyscraper that cleans the air. You won't have to wait long -- two will soon be built in China.

American teenagers outranked by Chinese in money smarts updated 14 days ago

American teenagers rank below average when it comes to understanding the value of money -- while Chinese kids are the best.

Winston Churchill on a £5 plastic note updated 14 days ago

Paper money could be a thing of the past in the UK as the Bank of England prepares polymer notes.

Is a cashless society on the cards? updated 14 days ago

The easy availability of mobile payments and online shopping has led to a rise in cashless payments. But how far off is a truly cashless society?

Is your business a crowd pleaser? updated 14 days ago

Crowdfunding gives budding entrepreneurs the power to finance projects.

Bitcoin your way to a double espresso updated 14 days ago

The UK's first Bitcoin ATM could change the way consumers think about digital currency - and buy coffee.

This little card is why people in Hong Kong don't carry cash updated 14 days ago

The Octopus card in Hong Kong is leading to a cashless society quickly.

Can eco-city plans bring Cypriot ghost town back to life? updated 15 days ago

In 1974, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus was divided in two. Now a new project hopes to bring it back together with plans to create a new Eco-city.

Explainer: How do cryptocurrencies work? updated 15 days ago

Digital currency is here to stay. Here are the facts about cryptocurrencies.

Is China about to take over global business? updated 15 days ago

Walmart has leapfrogged Royal Dutch Shell as the world's largest company, topping the Fortune magazine Global 500 ranking.

How new airline routes are reshaping the world updated 16 days ago

New airline routes outline more than new holiday destinations. They can point to emerging markets, too. What 2013-2014 route launches tell us about the world?

Has London gone insane or is this house really worth $1.1 million? updated 17 days ago

The garden is overflowing with weeds and trash is riotously strewn across the lower floors. So how on earth is this property worth $1.1 million?

Property mood map: How the results are calculated updated 17 days ago

The Property Mood Map is part of CNN's One Square Meter coverage and gives you the chance to share your attitude to the property market and property ownership in your county. You can then compare your results with users all over the world.

Can these 'water ATMs' bring relief to thirsty India? updated 20 days ago

In a New Delhi neighborhood, residents line up in the blistering 45 degree Celsius heat (113 Fahrenheit) carrying empty jerry cans and water bottles, waiting for the government water tanker truck to arrive.

The dress that launched an empire updated 21 days ago

From Coco Chanel to DVF, CNN takes a look at fashion designers and the bespoke pieces that launched their careers.

Google's removal of BBC article raises censorship fears updated 21 days ago

British politicians and EU officials expressed concern on Thursday after it emerged that a seven-year-old article criticising a former Merrill Lynch chief executive was set to be removed from Google's search results.

Casinos beat the banker: Macau leapfrogs Switzerland in wealth chart updated 21 days ago

Macau, the world's biggest casino hub, has overtaken Switzerland in the wealth stakes, being named the world's fourth richest territory by the World Bank.

John Defterios: UAE stock market a work in progress updated 21 days ago

Call it Abu Dhabi's ivory tower.

This paper cup can be recycled -- unlike the 50 billion that end up in landfills updated 21 days ago

Chances are if you bought your favorite coffee in a paper cup this morning, that cup cannot be recycled.

Apple Fast Facts updated 22 days ago

Here's a look at what you need to know about Apple, Inc.

Opinion: Six ways CEOs can smash the glass closet updated 23 days ago

Over the course of my career at BP, from trainee to chief executive, I led two separate lives. The first one involved being the public face of one of the world's largest companies. The second was my private life as a gay man.

John Defterios: In Dubai, 'casino-like culture' has set in updated 23 days ago

From a stock market perspective, the month of June was one of the nastiest on record for the Dubai Financial Market.

TrowelBlazers: In search of the female Indiana Jones updated 23 days ago

Archaeologists are digging deep to uncover the roots of humanity in the region. And every person on the dig is a woman.

Google Fast Facts updated 23 days ago

Here's a look at what you need to know about Google, Inc.

Cameron suffers defeat in Brussels as leaders chose Juncker for top EU job updated 26 days ago

Jean-Claude Juncker is a step closer to becoming the next president of the European Commission after EU leaders approved his nomination, despite strong opposition from Britain.

'Sweet but fierce': Fashion brand creates buzz with Africa-inspired designs updated 27 days ago

Meet Teta Isibo, founder of Inzuki Designs, a Rwandan fashion brand fusing traditional craftsmanship with contemporary style.

Etihad's new challenge: Fixing loss-making Alitalia updated 28 days ago

Fast growing Abu Dhabi carrier Etihad is spreading its wings again by agreeing to a 49% stake in Italian loss-making airline Alitalia.

Can magic boxes solve urban housing conundrum? updated 29 days ago

Sydney is a hot property market but one Australian company is looking to provide more affordable housing in the city by retrofitting old shipping boxes.

Iraq's 'new reality' shakes global oil markets updated 29 days ago

The global oil market is on tenterhooks as a result of the violent Sunni insurgency sweeping down from northern Iraq and threatening Baghdad.

Where is Iraq's oil? updated 30 days ago

Surprise! Women prefer positive images of women updated 31 days ago

A new collection of Getty images, co created by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, shows women in a more diverse light

London Technology Week: The emerging thinkers of Britain's future updated 34 days ago

Entrepreneurs gathering for London's inaugural Technology Week have set the city's east end abuzz.

#CNNAfrica Tweet chat as it happened: 'Entrepreneurs, be vigilant in what you do' updated 34 days ago

CNN's African Start-Up hosted a Tweet chat on entrepreneurship on June 19. If you were unable to join us, here's what you missed.

From smartwatch and smartpen... to smartcheat? updated 34 days ago

It used to be as simple as folding a piece of paper up your sleeve or writing on the inside of your wrist. But now, as students across the world ready themselves for exam season, cheating is going high tech.

Watching the World Cup? Forget 3D, it's all about 4K now updated 35 days ago

At the last soccer World Cup, it was all about 3D. This time around, it's nothing less than 4K.

Jordan: Struggling for calm in a region of chaos updated 36 days ago

It's not easy being Jordan and it is about to become even more difficult, again.

Can London compete with Silicon Valley? Watch these companies to find out... updated 37 days ago

London's inaugural Technology Week is underway, as the United Kingdom's capital promotes its tech stars and shows it can compete with Silicon Valley. Here are five companies to watch, as they pitch to make it big.

How dependent is Europe on Russia for gas? updated 38 days ago

Russia's state-controlled energy giant Gazprom said Ukraine will now have to pay for its gas supplies up-front, after last minute talks between the two countries failed.

Where is Iraq's oil? updated 40 days ago

Iraq violence disrupts OPEC agenda updated 42 days ago

Energy ministers at Wednesday's OPEC meeting in Vienna agreed to maintain oil production levels, after negotiating in the shadow of flaring violence in the second-biggest city of Iraq, one of the consortium's key producers.

World Bank: Ukraine crisis, market volatility hits global economy updated 43 days ago

The global economy will slow more than expected this year after being hit by the Ukraine crisis, market volatility and bad weather in the U.S., the World Bank says in its latest forecast.

The numbers that show Africa is buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit updated 43 days ago

Africa's entrepreneurial spirit is alive and thriving -- but where are the jobs?

First class style: Building a billion-dollar empire the Tory Burch way updated 43 days ago

For the past decade, designer Tory Burch has built up an impressive multi-billion dollar fashion empire. Take a look behind the scenes and see how she did it.

The eurozone's unemployment crisis: Winners and losers updated 44 days ago

As Europe struggles to recover from crisis, two of its most powerful leaders are meeting to thrash out the next stage.

Scotland and England: Better together or more affluent apart? updated 44 days ago

Writing almost a century after the Acts of Union joined Scotland with England, and 50 years since its Jacobite uprisings were brutally suppressed, the bard Robert Burns bemoaned the real reason behind his nation's loss of independence: money and its ability to sway the vote.

Investors welcome el-Sisi as Egypt's new president takes office updated 44 days ago

Former military leader Abdel Fattah el-Sisi took the oath of president Sunday and was greeted by a stock market rally of 4.7%.

Girls beat boys at school, so why the glass ceiling? updated 45 days ago

This weekend I hosted part of the Global Summit of Women in Paris, set up by a Washington-based organization devoting its time to trying to further women's causes in the world.

Opinion: Draghi needs to realize ECB's gas pedal is already on the floor updated 48 days ago

Mario Draghi is stepping on the gas, cutting interest rates to record lows, trying to funnel money into the real economy, and introducing a charge on banks that hold excess reserves with the European Central Bank.

Is sky the limit for green aviation? updated 49 days ago

T survive, aviation needs to start going green. Does the industry have the chops? Take our quiz and find out.

Will Russia's friendship with China work? updated 49 days ago

When Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping signed a huge gas deal last month, the timing couldn't have been better.

Managing your online identity in the digital shopping age updated 51 days ago

Globally, more than $3.5 trillion is lost each year to financial crimes. James Varga, CEO of miiCard suggests a solution.

Is hacking the future of finance? updated 51 days ago

Author Brett Scott explains why hacking is often a creative attempt to explore systems, not malicious misconduct.

Why it's high risk, high reward for airlines updated 51 days ago

Airlines are having to constantly evolve to stay afloat in the high-stakes world of aviation.

Where can you find a Banksy? updated 51 days ago

Oligarch: How culture can heal the East-West rift updated 52 days ago

While Ukraine's fight for freedom gets bloodier by the day and Russia faces the West's cold shoulder, in the elegant surroundings of London's Somerset House, one oligarch is using art to get his message across.

Super-sizing air travel in the Middle East updated 52 days ago

Opinion: World is not ready for Google 'right to be forgotten' decision updated 54 days ago

The Internet has radically altered many things, not least the speed at which we all share and receive information, and the depth of the information available.

The custom-made tricycles driving Lagos's slum waste revolution updated 54 days ago

Wecyclers is an innovative enterprise using an incentive-based program to help solve Lagos's acute waste management problem.

Mothers reveal all: The secrets to raising a successful child updated 55 days ago

Perched on a sofa in her West London apartment, Eve Branson recounts early memories of her son Richard. Disciplining him, it seems, was delicate business.

Does being a psychopath make you more successful? updated 55 days ago

Andy McNab is trying to convince me that being a psychopath is good for business.

Are you a psychopath? Take this test to find out updated 56 days ago

Reading this on mobile? Click here to take the test.

Forget Pfizer pitch, UK must unleash power of its public health service updated 56 days ago

Following AstraZeneca's most recent rejection of Pfizer's bid, many may ask if this is a lost opportunity for British innovation, or the salvation of it?

Google's new car: No driver, and no steering wheel updated 56 days ago

Google has revealed a prototype of its latest driverless car -- and this one doesn't even have a steering wheel.

Europe's elections: Will the 'earthquake' leave damage? updated 57 days ago

We hear of tremors that shake, rattle and roll, but really cause no damage. Then there are the big quakes that hit offshore and cause a scare, but nothing more.

Protest parties shake up pivotal European elections updated 58 days ago

Far-right and far-left protest parties have dominated the crucial election in many countries across the European Union

Counting the votes: How the European election works updated 58 days ago

Putin's 48 hours in St. Petersburg updated 59 days ago

Vladimir Putin was out on a mission here in his hometown to re-boot his languishing economy after political moves involving Ukraine scared off investors in the past half year.

Securing India's energy a major challenge for new PM Modi updated 59 days ago

For incoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi, securing India's energy needs over the next decade ranks among his greatest challenges.

More women entrepreneurs needed to help tackle climate change updated 61 days ago

Our global response to climate change needs to make the most of the world's talent -- women, writes Sandip Verma.

Will Ukraine's new president tame country's elite? updated 62 days ago

For the hotel doorman who greeted me on arrival in Kiev this week, the rain storms that have hit the Ukrainian capital served as a metaphor for a different sort of turbulence.

LA residential: Could Hollywood stars move downtown? updated 62 days ago

Los Angeles may have become famous for many things over the years but downtown living is not one of them. Could that be about to change?

Russia's Davos: Where Vladimir Putin has gone from powerhouse to pariah updated 62 days ago

St Petersburg has been a city of splendor for more than three centuries, and bears the name of the man who dreamt it all up: Tsar Peter the Great.

Opinion: Does minimum wage make sense? Yes, but... updated 63 days ago

Minimum wages are on top of the political agenda in many countries.

Putin's Russia at a crossroads amid business snubs updated 63 days ago

The crisis in Ukraine and the political dispute with the U.S. and EU could not have come at a worse time for Russia's economy.

Hey kids, beware...You now have to bury your parents' phones to hide a bad grade updated 63 days ago

A Kenyan startup has come up with a simple service that allows schools to send report cards via SMS.

Why tech giants owe huge thanks to the United Kingdom updated 63 days ago

Over the last 15 years, I've been lucky enough to work in the industry of tech-driven start-ups, and I've watched as revolutions have taken place.

Europe's elections: Protest parties will rise, but 'big soft' center will rule updated 64 days ago

You might have been forgiven for not knowing there is an election around Europe, starting on Thursday, to elect 751 members of the European Parliament, known as MEPs.

The European Union needs a new vision updated 64 days ago

More than six decades ago, the European Movement's founder Jean Monnet shared his vision for the region's nascent union, prescribing money as a means to heal the wounds left by two world wars.

Turning scraps into chic from one of the Philippines' largest landfills updated 64 days ago

Manila's Payatas dump site is more than a simple landfill, it's an entire human eco-system.

World's 'most expensive divorce' set to halve oligarch's fortune updated 64 days ago

Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev is set to lose half his wealth after being ordered to pay his former wife $4.5 billion in a settlement dubbed the "most expensive divorce in history."

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