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Detroit was once known as the automobile capital of the world. Can it get back on the road?

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Fit for a queen but can a venerable British store succeed in the Middle East? updated 1 days ago

After almost three centuries at the heart of London's busy Piccadilly retail district, Fortnum and Mason is broadening its horizons.

The West's tricky trade relationship with Russia updated 3 days ago

Ukraine, battered by the escalating conflict with pro-Russian activists, has hiked its bank rates as it attempts to protect its economy against the turmoil triggered by violent protests and Russia's military intervention in Crimea.

Can successful women have it all? updated 4 days ago

Only 16.9 percent of Fortune 500's board members are women. Heather McGregor explains why.

Dutch architects to build world's first 3D printed house updated 4 days ago

A group of Dutch architects are building what they claim is the world's first 3D printed house.

Opinion: Crisis reveals serious cracks in Putin's empire updated 7 days ago

Vladimir Putin is basking in the glory of territorial conquest, enjoying his highest domestic approval ratings since returning as president two years ago.

Opinion: Nigerians don't care about their 'new economy' updated 7 days ago

Nigeria woke up on Sunday to a brand new economy, apparently.

More than 10 million core users give value to Weibo ahead of lPO updated 7 days ago

As Weibo gets ready for its initial public offering, a recent university study claims Chinese microblogging activity might not be as vibrant as expected.

Cyprus: A Mediterranean island slowly rebuilding after crisis updated 8 days ago

Cyprus, the tiny Mediterranean island bailed out a year ago, remains "in difficulty...but not as bad as one would have expected," its finance minister Harris Georgiades told CNN during an interview in the capital city Nicosia.

Limes: Mexico's new green gold updated 8 days ago

Dressed in a white cowboy hat and shirt in the merciless sun, 63-year-old Juan Leana Malpica proudly pulls a branch down in his lime grove and cups a fruit. His limes, he says, set themselves apart by their juiciness.

Gaultier: A modest provocateur who might be slowing down updated 8 days ago

It is rare for me to attend a retrospective of someone's passion, their life's work, while chatting to that person amid that work.

Nu Skin's huge corporate party rolls up in Dubai updated 9 days ago

The United Arab Emirates is playing host to a huge corporate party this week. Hotel lobbies and shopping malls are flooded with Chinese guests and the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway is dotted with long rows of buses branded "2014 Nu Skin Success Trip" in English and Arabic.

Made in Ghana: Luxury shoes put sparkle in your step updated 9 days ago

Disheartened by his friends' comments that high-end shoes cannot be made in Ghana,Fred Deegbe has embarked on a mission to take on the world's leading brands.

Why pocketbook politics will decide India's election updated 10 days ago

A great deal has been said about the five week long election underway in India.

It's Nick versus Nigel as UK debates its role in the European Union updated 11 days ago

This month, Britain's deputy prime minister squared up to the leader of the country's euroskeptic Independence Party to advocate the merits of his nation's membership of the EU.

Recall crisis: Time for GM to be sold? updated 11 days ago

General Motors is under fire following its delayed decision to recall 2.6 million cars over a faulty ignition switch. The automotive giant's CEO says she is "deeply sorry" for 13 deaths caused by the defect.

Opinion: Exchanges are like casinos where certain players can see your cards updated 11 days ago

When a fake Twitter message from the Associated Press issued reports of two explosions at the White House last April, the Dow lost 140 points and S&P futures dropped 20 points.

Lucrative China-Malaysia relations not derailed by search for MH370 updated 11 days ago

If the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 caused a rift in China-Malaysia relations, the two countries appear to have put it behind them.

If the shoe fits...Sarah Jessica Parker teams up with Manolo Blahnik CEO updated 16 days ago

Sarah Jessica Parker teams up with fashion powerhouse Manolo Blahnik for new shoe range.

What China's Xi Jinping wants from Europe updated 16 days ago

When the European Council President Herman Van Rompuy welcomes Xi Jinping to Brussels on Monday, it will be the first time a Chinese president has visited European Union headquarters.

Beirut buzzing as the city builds for the future updated 16 days ago

If cranes are a visual barometer of the economic vibe of a city then central Beirut is buzzing.

Is the global workforce headed for a burnout? updated 17 days ago

Arianna Huffington discusses her new book "Thrive" with CNN's Maggie Lake.

Report: 15-year-olds in Asia are better problem solvers than in the U.S. updated 17 days ago

Children in Asian countries are on average better problem solvers than their European and American peers, according to a new study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

$30B fortune from luggage: Bernard Arnault explains success of Louis Vuitton updated 17 days ago

On a breezy spring day in 1835, a 13-year-old boy from the Jura region of eastern France set out for the glittering metropolis of Paris to seek his fortune.

Sailor so 'rich' he forgot $100k yacht updated 17 days ago

Sailor so 'rich' he forgot $100k yacht

Climate change could cost more than $100 billion a year updated 18 days ago

Tackling the effects of climate change could cost governments around the world more than $100 billion a year, a United Nations panel of experts said Monday.

Brain drains while the heart stays: Is leaving Turkey an option? updated 21 days ago

I moved from Turkey to New York right after college and stayed for 10 years. I instantly felt I belonged. No matter how small my apartment was, how little money I had or how bad the streets smelled, I was happy.

Getting women on board: How can female bosses reach the top? updated 21 days ago

Is the glass ceiling in Britain finally beginning to crack? Maybe, according to a new report on the country's biggest companies.

Turkish economic mess: How did it get to this point? updated 21 days ago

Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is facing a local election this weekend, the biggest test of his popularity since becoming Prime Minister in 2003. The polls are seen as a referendum on his popularity before the country's first direct presidential election this summer, in which Erdogan is widely expected to run.

Zuckerberg goes shopping: Facebook's top 10 purchases updated 23 days ago

Facebook announced Tuesday that it plans to buy virtual reality firm Oculus VR for $2 billion.

Forget the Paltrow-Martin split, this is the juicy divorce of the day updated 23 days ago

Business partners tend to limit their disagreements to the boardroom. With the happiness of their shareholders in mind, it doesn't pay to air dirty laundry in public.

Could London's big property plans be brought down to earth by skateboarders? updated 23 days ago

"Sorry, I don't go south of the river," was once a common refrain from central London taxi drivers. Not anymore.

Names Not Numbers: How to network offline in a digital age updated 24 days ago

Julia Hobsbawm, founder of the Names Not Numbers ideas festival, talks about how slowing down can generate better ideas.

U.S. - EU trade pact key to rebuilding trans-Atlantic ties updated 25 days ago

This week the U.S. president will visit Brussels for the first time. Quite why he has left it to his second term to make the trip baffles many in the EU's halls of power.

Key aides from Putin's inner circle targeted in new round of EU sanctions updated 25 days ago

European Union leaders agreed to earmark 12 more individuals for visa restrictions and asset freezes in the second stage of their four-step plan to prompt Russia to renege on its annexation of Crimea.

Russia sanctions: EU should leave trade alone updated 25 days ago

With a breezy sweep of his pen President Vladimir Putin wrote a new chapter into Crimea's turbulent history, committing the region to a future returned to Russian domain.

Map: Why the EU and U.S. are out of step on Russia sanctions updated 25 days ago

Sanctions on Russia: Would World Cup boycott hit harder? updated 25 days ago

European leaders are meeting in Brussels Thursday to discuss further sanctions against Russia.

America's 10 highest rated CEOs updated 25 days ago

LinkedIn boss Jeff Weiner has claimed the number one spot in Glassdoor's latest survey of highest-rated CEOs.

Jo Wood: Business woes may have triggered 'proud' L'Wren Scott's apparent suicide; questions Rolling Stones' future updated 28 days ago

The ex-wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood said the precarious finances of L'Wren Scott's fashion business may have played a role in the late designer's apparent suicide.

Judo partner and personal banker: 10 of Putin's close aides targeted by sanctions updated 28 days ago

The list of Russians targeted by Western sanctions is expanding. The EU has added a further 12 names to its original 21-strong lists, while the U.S. focused its sanctions on some of the key people from President Vladimir Putin's inner circle.

From teller to CEO: How Gail Kelly conquered Australia's banks updated 31 days ago

Is Gail Kelly the most powerful woman in Australian business?

Career tips from world's leading bosses updated 31 days ago

What can the world's leading bosses teach you about leadership? We decided to collate some of the most interesting advice from CEOs and entrepreneurs.

Why annexing Crimea may prove costly for Russia updated 32 days ago

Crimeans voted to break off from Ukraine and join Russia. Their vote represents the re-establishment of a historic cultural relationship.

Turning ideas into profit: 5 networking tips to help you grow your startup updated 35 days ago

Two startup experts share the best ways to connect and communicate at networking events.

Can tiny northern emirate outshine Dubai and Abu Dhabi? updated 36 days ago

The tiny emirate neighbor of Dubai and Abu Dhabi is set to make a push in the UAE's burgeoning residential and tourism sectors.

Ex-Credit Suisse banker pleads guilty to fraud, set to aid tax inquiry updated 37 days ago

A former Credit Suisse banker surrendered to U.S. authorities Tuesday and plans to plead guilty to fraud charges.

Interactive: How Fukushima changed world's attitudes to nuclear power updated 37 days ago

It's been three years since Japan was hit with its worst-ever earthquake, causing serious damage to Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

11 intriguing things owned by wealthy Russians updated 38 days ago

Russia risks economic isolation from the West with its intervention into the Crimean peninsular, but trade relationships complicate matters. And, as CNN reveals, it's not just trade in which Russian interests are strongly represented -- it's in some of the most lavish and expensive assets around the world. Below are a selection.

Is your best career move abroad? updated 38 days ago

Stuck in a rut at work? It's time to move abroad and give your career a boost.

DryBath: How to keep clean without using a drop of water updated 39 days ago

A young South African has invented a lotion that allows you to take a shower without using a drop of water or soap.

Why Western sanctions against Russia could inflame Ukraine crisis updated 42 days ago

United States President Barack Obama has now paved the way for imposing economic sanctions against Russia. However, these would be an ineffective and naive response by the U.S. to the crisis in Ukraine.

Why we need to get smarter about quotas updated 42 days ago

Quotas for women are often met with incredible support or strong opposition. But quotas aren't black and white-- and we need to get smarter about what works.

Europe has power over Russia, but needs more than gesture diplomacy updated 43 days ago

European leaders meeting in Brussels Thursday need to send Russia an unmistakeable signal that its military intervention in Ukraine will not be tolerated.

Hackers steal data for 12 million customers at South Korean phone giant updated 43 days ago

Cyber attack yields personal details for 12 million customers of one of South Korea's biggest phone companies.

The West's multi-billion pitch to entice Ukraine into the fold updated 44 days ago

If there were any doubts about the West's commitment to Ukraine, you can dispel them now after the European Union put forward a package of $15 billion, matching the sum initially offered by Moscow before Viktor Yanukovych was pushed out of power.

Only invest what you can afford to lose, Bitcoin executive says of digital currency updated 44 days ago

Bitcoin is still in beta, and users should only invest what they can afford to lose, Bitcoin Foundation executive director Jon Matonis says.

Could redevelopment of a ghost airport help Greek property deals take-off? updated 44 days ago

Could a derelict airport in the south of Athens help the Greek economy take-off?

What ancient Romans can teach you about leadership updated 45 days ago

The C-Suite. Near mythical in status. The Valhalla you reach in corporate life when you've made it. So, how do you get there?

Where does the big money go in global property investment? updated 45 days ago

Read more from One Square Meter: Abu Dhabi's fantasy island; Parisian metro stations get a second life; London's luxury basements.

Ukraine crisis: The tricky economics of Vladimir Putin's power play updated 46 days ago

Investors of Russian assets have had their first real chance to assess the situation in Ukraine and they didn't like what they saw.

Cocoa farmers get first taste of chocolate updated 49 days ago

Cocoa farmers taste chocolate for the first time and after the smiles, the math as they calculate the markup, and pride their work is part of the process.

Scotland and England: Better together or more affluent apart? updated 49 days ago

Writing almost a century after the Acts of Union joined Scotland with England, and 50 years since its Jacobite uprisings were brutally supressed, the bard Robert Burns bemoaned the real reason behind his nation's loss of independence: money and its ability to sway the vote.

How a former doctor saves Nigerian women from 'useless husbands' updated 49 days ago

A retired trauma doctor has launched an online grocery business to cater to Nigeria's busy women with no time to shop at the supermarket.

Can South Africa become the new blockbuster hotspot? updated 50 days ago

Top Hollywood executives are on a 10-day tour of South Africa to explore possible set locations.

From grotty to glorious: Ghost stations of Paris could get a stunning second life updated 50 days ago

Could there soon be swimming pools in the Paris metro if a mayoral candidate has their way?

WeChat: The Chinese chat app stealing Weibo's thunder updated 50 days ago

The exchange of name cards has long been a ubiquitous part of meeting new people in China.

BlackBerry going back to basics, says new CEO updated 51 days ago

BlackBerry CEO John Chen says the company will focus on attracting and keeping business customers as he implements his strategy to reverse its decline.

How ethical are our food companies? updated 51 days ago

Love that chocolate Haagen-Dazs ice-cream? But what about the way its makers treat their farmers? How about KitKat and the way its production impacts the environment?

Big data, big business, Big Brother? updated 51 days ago

BIg data will have surpassed big oil in economic value, and we will have global privacy, data protection and surveillance agreements, writes CEO Gerd Leonhard.

Five ways mobile tech will shake up your financial future updated 51 days ago

Financial transactions have always been at the heart of our society, but growing smartphone and Internet penetration are inspiring new, disruptive approaches.

China's property bubble stalls the urban dream updated 51 days ago

Limited investment options in China means real estate has been a popular choice for consumers looking to expand their portfolios.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg: WhatsApp 'worth more than $19 billion' updated 52 days ago

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, speaking to mobile tech leaders in Barcelona, said WhatsApp, the mobile messaging app purchased by the social media giant last week, was "worth more than $19 billion."

Would you wear this to work? Power dressing beyond shoulder pads updated 52 days ago

How do women dress to impress at work? And does it have to involve shoulder pads? 100 years of office wear.

Teen's gardening invention blooms into 'planting revolution' updated 52 days ago

At 16, Claire Reid was a failed gardener but today her invention is sparking a "planting revolution."

10 ways mobile technology will save your life in the future updated 52 days ago

The medical and healthcare sectors are in the midst of rapid change, and it can be difficult to see which new technologies will have a long-lasting impact.

LinkedIn makes China connection updated 52 days ago

Linkedin, the networking site for professionals, has done what few other foreign online services have achieved -- it has successfully set up in China.

The derelict mansions on Britain's 'Billionaires' Row' updated 52 days ago

A third of the houses on Britain's second most expensive street are lying vacant, many abandoned for decades and left to rot.

Joburg's 'Jenga' building stacks shipping containers on old mill updated 52 days ago

A Johannesburg developer has transformed an old grain silo into trendy residences, topping it with disused shipping containers to provide extra living space.

Why aren't there more women in mobile tech? updated 53 days ago

With a lack of gender diversity in the tech sector, the time has come to make women in the ICT industry the norm rather than the exception, says GSMA GM.

Facebook reveals online education app for Rwanda updated 53 days ago

Facebook is helping to roll out a pilot online education program in Rwanda.

7 new smartphone features that will help define your future updated 54 days ago

Mobile World Congress begins in Barcelona Monday and amid the hoopla of new super-phones, largely unknown technologies will be revealed. And it will be these that change our lives. Here are seven I predict will help define our future.

Protests over Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan 'ban' on lacy underwear updated 56 days ago

Lacy underwear has effectively been "banned" by new regulations in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, opponents say. But the issue is not one of modesty.

WhatsApp? 10 other things Facebook could have bought with $19 billion updated 56 days ago

Facebook's acquisition of the hugely popular messaging service WhatsApp for $19 billion is one of the largest tech deals in history. It dwarfs Facebook's acquisition of Instagram for $1 billion in 2012 -- and even that was considered an astonishing number by many.

Exclusive: CNN chats with astronaut Karen Nyberg live from space updated 57 days ago

At 240 miles above the earth, American astronaut Karen Nyberg joined CNN for a live chat from the ISS.

No cash, no cards: Mobile app lets you pay with just your smartphone updated 57 days ago

A South African app allows buyers to pay for goods using their phone, without having to worry about carrying cash or credit cards.

Who needs textbooks? 'Zambian iPad' goes to school updated 58 days ago

A Zambian computer tablet -- known as the ZEduPad -- is trying to open up the country's information highway.

Does formula mystery help keep Coke afloat? updated 58 days ago

Coca-Cola -- the world's ubiquitous brown fizzy drink -- is staying afloat as the soda market shrinks, and many point to a marketing strategy around the so-called "secret recipe" as key to its resilience in a struggling industry.

'The Walking Dead' to Robin Hood: Why screen stars are battling Europe's banks updated 58 days ago

Bankers get a bad press. If they are not in news studios trying to defend their annual bonus being more than most people earn in a lifetime, they are attempting to brush off the latest multi-million pound fine they received for ripping off the public.

Ukraine protests: 5 things you need to know updated 58 days ago

Ukraine has been hit by protests, as demonstrators show anger at the rejection of a deal with the EU for in favor of closer economic ties with Russia. But what led to the chaos?

The orphan who became a billionaire Russian 'Tsarina' updated 59 days ago

The billionaire Russian 'Tsarina,' Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, in charge of the world's agricultural goods.

Matteo Renzi, the football fan mayor taking on Italy's elite updated 60 days ago

Il Rottomatore -- or "the demolition man" -- is how Italy's incoming prime minister has come to be known, thanks in part to his pugnacious approach to politics.

Five things you didn't know about YouTube's new boss, Susan Wojcicki updated 60 days ago

YouTube has a new boss and she has a "healthy disregard for the impossible" -- according to Google CEO Larry Page.

How the Americanization of cricket has risked its British soul updated 64 days ago

"Sehwag, go back to Ranji!" The jingoistic crowd was screaming when the portly batsman Virender Sehwag was dismissed in the game between the Rajasthan Royals and Delhi Daredevils in an Indian Premier League (IPL) semi-final game in 2008.

Entrepreneur swaps business suits to launch 'Starbucks of Africa' updated 64 days ago

A Rwandan entrepreneur has left a successful international consulting career to taste success with a high-end bakery in Kigali.

Cheap, cheerful and cutthroat: Why Airbus and Boeing are cozying up to Asia's booming budget airlines updated 64 days ago

The A350 XWB may be the center of attention at the Singapore Airshow, but the battle between rivals Boeing and Airbus for Asian dominance is what's really hot.

What's in (cyber) store? Online shopping puts Kenyan designs at your fingertips updated 65 days ago

Web-based marketplaces are growing in popularity in Kenya as more and more people turn online to buy and sell goods.

No elevators in Burj Khalifa? Residents face threats over fees dispute updated 65 days ago

What is it like to live in the tallest building in the world?

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